Microphone Stands

The World’s Strongest

micKing® 1100

The MK1100 is built with portability in mind while maintaining the outstanding strength and stability of the micKing stand line. Outstanding for vocals and overheads.

micKing® 2200

The MK2200 performs flawlessly in all positions with the lightest to the heaviest of microphones. The bigger base prepares you for just about anything that comes your way.

micKing® 3300

The MK3300 is perfect for choral and orchestral work. Its long reach, high heights, stability, small footprint and clean look make the MK3300 the workhorse of the Latch Lake line.

micKing® 1100 Straight

Our most portable straight stand!

micKing® 2200 Straight

The MK2200 Straight is Latch Lake's smaller version of a straight stand. But it's no push over with a 29 lb. base and rock-solid stability.

micKing® 3300 Straight

The MK3300 Straight is perfect for choral and orchestral work. It blends simplicity with stability to create the most solid straight stand on the market.

MK1113BK Pro Pack 1

The MK1113BK Pro Pack 1 stand and accessory kit is the "package that does it all" when it comes to strength, maneuverability, and endless options for a fully customizable micing experience.


The RB1100 is the full MK1100 boom add on for straight stands.

RB2200 and RB2200AT

The RB2200 is the MK2200 boom add on for straight stands with either 5/8" or 7/8" threads

Parts and Maintenance

Check out the Parts Identifier Guide to help identify which part you need for your micKing® stand.