Push Your Gear Further

Spin Grip  Mic Mount

Never spin a mic again. The Spin Grip Mic Mount easily threads onto your mic, and then locks it in place.

Xtra® Boom

The Xtra® Boom is an accessory boom to hang multiple microphones from one stand. Useful in micing drums, vocal shootouts, guitar micing and custom/standard arrays.

Jam Nut

Jam Nuts provide more control with mic placement because YOU determine where the threads end.


The iOxmount magnetically attaches a tablet or phone to your microphone stand with 360 degrees flexibility. Simple. Secure. And no plastic clips.


It's an Xtra Boom fit with a iXomount. Easily attaches to any mast to hold your tablet, phone or just about anything.


Useful adapters to hang more from your MicKing stand